About Us

Hi everyone, I’m Brad, and this is our story. It's a simple one, and it all starts with surrounding ourselves with the most amazing people on the planet, the rest takes care of itself.

The decision to make cabinet doors was driven by a single thought “what sector of the woodworking industry NEVER has to deal with General contractors!?!” There weren’t many options but of the few, we landed on cabinet doors. Knowing we didn’t want to compete with the other 10,000 door manufacturers in Ontario we had to separate ourselves. One simple concept I learned from an amazing friend and fellow Lean maniac was “WE LOVE WHAT YOU HATE”.

We began working with another group of amazing people, we call them our customers, but really they are all friends, partners and fellow problem solvers. What an adventure! Together we started to develop products and processes that improved quality, speed & service, it allowed our fellow problem solvers (customers) to process our doors through their factories almost 2x faster than before. Combine this with the worlds best team of process engineers committed to continuous improvement & I can honestly say there is never a dull moment.

Its been a wild ride, and we are just getting started.

Brad Cairns
My Door Factory
Chief Motivator & Keeper of the corporate culture